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introducing libran bloodbank

I have posted some comments on other people's food blogs and generally there will be a ripple effect of them wanting to know me. It is only fair that they are entitled to read my blog since they have so kindly, lovingly and faithfully updated their blogs with awesome entries and beautiful pictures. So for those of you who are now reading my humble blog, welcome....and I'm really sorry for the rather *blah* look of it...as in no food pictures, no um....well, pictures and a clear lack of regular updates if you look back at my archives (if I'm lucky to have any, gulp). Here's an attempt at explaining why this is so. I am a journalist. I write and edit for a living. I have been that day in and day out for close to 10 years. What used to be a passion has now turned into a livelihood. So it concurs that in my spare time, I would rather not write. Hoookay, there, I've said it. Yet I still feel I owe all you guys and gals who have bothered to read my blog some sort of eye candy. Um, here's what we'll do for now. Let me introduce you to http://mylibranbloodbank.blogspot.com/

...he's my hubby by the way. And he has been more diligent than me in uploading pictures etc. So you can have a go at that and see that I love my cat, I love to travel, and I love food. Thanks for writing such wonderful inspiring blogs. It has accompanied me during those lonely days of writing and editing for my work. Where I needed a respite and I turned to my virtual friends.

So keep up the good work and I hope to return your contributions soon.
It's 9am on a lazy dazy Saturday. Picture this...
...hubby watching his latest stash of DVDs just delivered from US. Check these out: Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition, Terminator 2- Judgement Day The Ultimate Edition and Clerks II 2disc Widescreen Edition. Sweet!
...cat acting up 'cos hubby is engrossed with DVDs so the little manj just dipped his paws in his waterbowl and is running riot in the house ala Picasso.
...me? I'm holed up in the study transcribing the tech world of fixed wire broadband and preferred service providers. Sheeesh...

but i still love the nonchalance and depressurising feel of saturdays.....don't you?

succumbing to temptation

I'm trying hard to transcribe my interviews from tape to paper but I keep getting distracted. First, I keep checking other people's food blogs....then I just went and ordered a Mickey D's delivery.....even after having dinner. And to say the least, this is a normal everyday habit I do. PROCRASTINATION IS EVIL!
I don't know how I got into Livejournal. I was happily reading my daily bread list of favourite foodie bloggers when I decided to post a comment on one of them. I decided that it was about time I UN-anonymous myself out of respect for them bloggers. Sooooo I thought okey, I'll be a livejournal user since I forgot my blogger id and password. SO here I am, in livejournal land.

Um, seeing that I may be the only viewer here of my own blog, I shall extend a word of welcome to myself. Jolly good to see you old friend. I don't want to jinx myself by proclaiming that herein starts my prolific blog 'cos 2 past blogs "died" as a result of my inactivity.

So for all those of you who have graciously entered this realm and given me your time, thank you for dropping by. May I just explain to you that this blog might be updated regularly, or it may just have a smidgeon of  "I was here" entry and that's it. I shall try to be faithful to the cause of blogging. But to know me is to understand me, flaws and all. And just so you know, I make a living writing. No no no typo there. You read right. I get paid to write.....magazines, websites, trade journals etc. Therefore I unwind and relax by NOT writing. Reading blogs and attempting to blog falls under the "relaxation" category. Capice?

Anyway, to all.....I bid you adieu for now. Till my next post, yours till soda pops!



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